Using Storyboards to Teach Language and Culture

In order to be successful in global business and social situations it’s essential to understand the culture that fuels the country (in addition to and sometimes even more than the language).
Learning English is important but understanding and respecting the culture is equally key. Our storyboards offer students a unique, fun, interactive and engaging way to learn and talk about countries and cultures around the world.

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Our Social Media Line Up

Hello and Welcome! Finally, and I do mean FINALLY we are very proud to launch Pocket Passport.  This is a brief intro to our social media plan, general and specific announcements information. We will be uploading new high quality materials and resources on the first of every month into our resource library. Every day at 8:45 …

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Technology in the ESL/EFL Classroom

Technology has advanced quickly.  Overall many or most schools have not kept pace. In fact, they are in most cases far behind the times.  I am not talking about simply having smart boards or tablets. Having these things just to have them doesn’t mean you are keeping pace.  I mean I have seen a lot …

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