At the Hotel - Ordering Extra Towels

At the Hotel: Making Requests

At the Hotel: Ordering Extra Towels & Pillows is an ESL conversation lesson for students to learn grammar, vocabulary, expressions, idioms, and phrases for learning how to order extra towels and pillows. Watch the ESL video on Making Requests At the Hotel and use the ESL Printable and Digital storytelling flashcards to practice using new vocabulary and expressions. Get the ESL printable worksheets, ESL printable and digital flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and gamify lessons with badges and stamps.

Warm Up Questions

  1. How often do you travel?
  2. Do you like to stay at a hotel?
  3. What kind of hotel do you prefer? (luxury, economy, AirBnB)
  4. What do you like about staying at a hotel?
  5. What do you dislike about staying at a hotel?

ESL Video About Making Requests At The Hotel

Watch the following YouTube video:

ESL Listening Questions About Making Requests At The Hotel

  1. Why does Tony call the front desk?
  2. How many extra pillows would he like?
  3. How many extra towels would he like?
  4. Does Tony request anything else?
  5. When will they bring Tony his pillows?

Printable and Digital Flashcards to Talk about Traveling

Use the flashcards to talk order the following things from your hotel room.

Making Requests At The Hotel
At the Hotel - Ordering Extra Towels
Making Request for Pillow At The Hotel

Travel English At the Hotel | Ordering Towels and Pillows

Front Desk: Front desk, how may I help you?

Tony: I would like some extra pillows please.

Front Desk: Okay sir. How many pillows would you like?

Tony: I would like two pillows.

Front Desk: Can I do anything else for you today?

Tony: Yes, can I get a couple of extra towels?

Front Desk: No problem sir. Someone will be right up with your towels and pillows. Have a wonderful day.

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