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Why Flashcards Help us Learn?

Flashcards allow students to interact with information in a way that makes it easier to retain. They encourage active recall. Having a question, picture or statement on one side and answer on the other, requires learners to look at one side and recall the information on the other.

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If you repeat unknown flashcards repeatedly you will establish a better connection. This is called confidence-based learning and research shows it’s highly effective.

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Save, organize and manage flashcards that are related to specific lessons.

You can create and assign folders for your classes.
Create folders of flashcards based on your needs. Completely customize lessons using our flashcard library.
Assign folders to students as a pre-task to do before lessons or as review.

Track who and how students are interacting with the flashcards.

Various ways to print flashcards including:

  • Color or black and white
  • With word on front or word on back
  • Only the flashcard (picture only)

All flashcards have audio with native pronunciation for your students to listen and shadow.

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Our flashcards and lessons cover a range of topics, levels and interests. Themes and topics covering:

  • everyday activities
  • business
  • at work
  • collocations
  • giving directions
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  • giving instructions
  • food
  • culture
  • clothing
  • things around the house, office and school
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