“The gamification badges and stamps in Pocket Passport have added a new competitive element to my classes. It has promoted active learning outside of lessons, increased attendance and improved student’s overall performance.”

– Craig Jones, University Teacher

Gamification has been worked into absolutely everything we do everyday.

  • Complete a punch card to win a free
  • Receive a badge for checking into
    social media sites or your favorite
    coffee shop or restaurant
  • “Completion bars” when filling out
    online profiles or applications

Many modern day classrooms look and feel the same way they did thirty years ago!

Clearly defined goals, transparent scoring mechanisms, regular feedback and constant coaching make gamification a must for maximum results.

Reward, incentivize, praise & acknowledge students for their performance.

Over 200 badges to choose from, Upload your own OR we can custom
make badges for your needs.

  • You go above and
    beyond what is asked!
  • Excellent participation
    & initiation!
  • Outstanding
  • You have completed 25
    online quizzes on your own!
  • Excellent

When students complete “X” number of lessons & objectives & accumulate “X” number of badges (both determined by the teacher) they earn a stamp in their passport.

Objectives can be linked to attendance, participation, skills (vocabulary, fluency, listening, etc.) or a digital quiz (did you say hands-free marking?!) so students can earn badges and points.

Top 5 Benefits of incorporating gamification
into your classroom


Each assignment, class, test or quiz feels
rewarding, rather than boring and fruitless.


Incentivizes students to learn and
master the material.


Encourages fun and healthy competition,
boosts morale & makes students excited
about coming to class.


Gamifying homework encourages
informal learning.


Technology is here to stay. It’s easy to
implement and is proven to hold the
attention of the digital native.