"Pocket Passport has made us smarter, leaner, more profitable and overall more powerful. It’s data and analytics tools, blended learning and branding options not to mention the value that is passed on to teachers, students and staff has made an immediate impact."

John Spence – Canuck English
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Take your school to the highest level.

Increase student numbers

Maximize student enrollment with blended learning tools and resources completely customized for your school.

additional revenue
Create additional revenue

Our tools and resources are strategically priced for schools to pass on the cost to students WITH significant room for profit. “Strategically” because of the value our system offers.

additional revenue
Maximize profit

Know where to cut costs, identify low class occupancy, lesson, level, student and course trends, save on paper and resources, access powerful CRM tools and LOTS MORE!

keep std back
Keep students coming back

Getting students is one challenge. Getting them to continue is another. Increase retention rates with various motivational tools and resources with powerful student engagement and performance data.

Modernize your school

Don’t be left in the dark ages. Identify areas your school can save money, tailor lessons to your demographics, add value with a constant stream of fun and interactive online curriculum.

We offer completely customizable solutions for your school.

  • offer_your_std
    Offer your students more
  • offer_your_teacher
    Offer your teachers more
  • offer your staff
    Offer your staff more

ENJOY MORE time, money and certainty.

We offer REAL solutions that will help grow your school

  • Completely customizable and flexible
  • scheduling system
  • Powerful data, analytics and reporting tools
  • Blended learning
  • Customized templates branded for your school
  • Private online resource library
  • Admin Platform
  • Teacher Platform
  • Student Platform
And more!