“What a relief to be able to throw away so much paper, save space and most importantly implement an incredibly more efficient, effective and organized system. Counseling students with such powerful tools at my fingertips and giving them meaningful feedback is actually fun with all of the colorful visual graphs, charts and tools to work with. The CRM tools for teachers has improved the quality of our lessons as we are able to get feedback and focus on what student’s want and expect.”

– Daniel Archambault, Bear English

Complete student profiles. Simplify counseling students. EVERYTHING you need at your fingertips to give valuable feedback to students.

Collect vital information on student’s feelings about lessons and materials.

Collect vital information

Internal notes for students and teachers all organized and easily accessible.

Internal notes

Instantly know your student’s class history.

Permission levels limiting what information teacher’s can access.

5 Levels of Permission

  • 100Master
  • 80Manager
  • 60Supervisor
  • 40Trainer
  • 20Teacher
Simplify your record keeping. Give more effective and targeted counseling.