Reporting a Traffic Accident Part 1

Conversation About Traffic Accident

A fun lesson for beginner ESL students to learn vocabulary, phrases, idioms and expressions to talk about cars and car accidents. A conversation about a traffic accident using the past simple, past perfect, past continuous tenses. English vocabulary and expressions to describe and explain, driving, car accidents, reported speech, past continuous vs. past simple and more. Watch the ESL video about the traffic accident and use the ESL Printable and Digital storytelling flashcards to retell the story and practice using new vocabulary and expressions. Get the downloadable and printable worksheets, digital flashcards, listening and reading exercises, and everything you need for the perfect digital and remote English lesson when you subscribe.

Warm-Up Questions

  1. Are you a good driver?
  2. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
  3. Can you drive a motorcycle?
  4. Do you speed?
  5. Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?
  6. What do you like/don’t you like about driving?

ESL Video and ESL Listening Practice on Describing a Traffic Accident

Watch the following video:

ESL Conversation About a Traffic Accident

Samantha: It’s all your fault.

Jim: Yes, I am really sorry. I think I was speeding.

Samantha: Yes, you were driving like a maniac.

Jim: I fell asleep at the wheel.

Samantha: You are a terrible driver. I can’t believe you ran into me.

Jim: Are you okay?

Samantha: No, I’m not. My neck is killing me, and I have a huge cut on my arm.

Jim: Did you call the police?

Samantha: No, I didn’t. I’m still in shock. Look at my car.

Jim: It’s all my fault. I slammed on the brakes, but it was too late.

Samantha: Yes, it was definitely too late. My car is demolished.

Jim: Don’t worry, I have insurance that will cover everything.

Samantha: Look at all the damage to my bumper.

Jim: It will all be taken care of I promise. It will all be fixed.

Samantha: My husband is going to be so, so angry.

Jim: I’m so sorry. This is the worst day of my life.

Samantha: The worst day of your life? My car is totaled, and my husband is going to divorce me.

Jim: Please, forgive me!

ESL Listening Comprehension Questions about a Traffic Accident

  1. Was it Samantha’s fault?
  2. Why does the man think it’s his fault?
  3. According to Samantha, how was the man driving?
  4. Why was he driving so badly?
  5. Did Samantha suffer any injuries?
  6. Has she called the police yet?
  7. How is Samantha’s car?
  8. How does the man try to reassure Samantha?
  9. How does Samantha think her husband will feel about it?

Matching – Vocabulary and Idioms About Traffic Accident

Match the words on the left with the meaning not he right.

1. insurance
2. damage
3. demolish
4. bumper
5. in shock
6. divorce
7. slam on the brakes
8. to cover the cost
a. to provide money which will pay for the fees
b. to completely destroy
c. a bar protects a car located at the front and back of a car
d. to cause harm to
e. something that provides protection
f. to press on hard and suddenly
g. to legally end a marriage
h. to suddenly become upset and surprised

Storytelling using ESL Printable Digital Flashcards

Use the flashcards to tell a story.

Conversation About Car Traffic Accident ESL printable flashcards
Using Phone While Driving ESL printable flashcards
Conversation About Traffic Accident While Listening Music ESL printable flashcards
Driving - ESL printable flashcards
Using Phone ESL printable flashcards
Car Accident ESL printable flashcards

Reference: I2L1


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