A remarkably simple and practical
approach to teaching and managing students

A remarkably simple and practical approach to teaching and managing students

Pocket Passport is the place for English Educators to find, plan & teach exceptional lessons, build digital learning experiences, manage schedules and communicate with students - remotely or live, digital or printable.

We know what it’s like to be
stuck for quality content.

We understand why
students lose motivation.

We know what it’s like to be
bogged down with admin work.

Vocabulary are the Building Blocks for Language

Vocabulary Flashcards

There’s no need to use multiple apps and sites anymore. More than 4000 vocabulary flashcards with audio, definitions and example sentences. And counting.

Includes high Frequency vocabulary: 2800 words = 92% comprehension

Content is king & Context is queen

Unlimited Access to 400+ Lesson Collections

Content that will get your students talking: organized and optimized for for all skills, levels and needs. Search, filter and find exactly what you are looking for. Oh…digital and printable. Remote or live.

Kill two birds with one stone: Easily access & organize

Upload and Organize your Lesson Materials

No better feeling than being organized and ready. Organize all your favorite lesson materials … PLUS easily add vocabulary flashcards to your collections from our ever-expanding vocabulary flashcard library.

Maybe Rome was built in a day: Premium lesson & course builder

Simple lesson planning and course building

Easily create lessons and courses that inspire and motivate your students. Drag-n-drop flashcards, listening and reading exercises, digital quizzes, create lesson notes and gamify the lesson experience with badges.

Learning should be an experience, not a lecture

Keep your students engaged and moving forward

Capture student attention with bite-sized experiences, clear goals and objectives, immediate feedback, engaging content, and a heck of a lot more.

“My students are actually studying outside of the classroom!”

Kevin Fairgraves
University Teacher


“Finally a place that I can organize and easily access everything I need. Searching for and finding materials suited to student needs has never been easier."

Lynn Adams
Maple Leaf English Club

Teacher & Trainer

"Time saved on school and class admin is just brilliant."

Cindy Videchyuck
Step Up English

School Owner

The goal is
student success with…

The goal is student success with…

Clear Goals

Bite-sized Lessons



3 Easy Steps

To Transforming Your School

Find Your Plan.
Are you a “teacher or a school?

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For teachers or small schools who want fun, goal-focused lesson materials which cover all skills and levels. Personal student accounts and lots more.


Do you want to retain your students and grow? For teachers, administrators, and schools who want to rise above the competition.

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Transform Ordinary Lessons into Extraordinary Learning


  • Full Access to Select Lessons
  • New Lessons Added Every Week
  • Free Lessons Include:
  • Videos
  • MP3's
  • Flashcards
  • PDF's
  • PowerPoints


$ 14 Monthly
  • Everything in Free +
  • Full Access to ALL Lessons
  • Lesson & Course Builder
  • Easily Create Sales Pages
  • Sell Courses Online
  • Upload Your Own Content
  • Student Accounts


$ 98 Monthly
  • Premium Teacher & Student Tools
  • Online Reservation System
  • Feedback & Evaluation Tools
  • Full Admin Tools
  • Full Customization
  • & Lots More!
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