ESL Conversation About Driving And Texting

Distracted Driving | Texting and Driving

An ESL Lesson on distracted driving is an ESL conversation lesson about texting and driving to learn grammar, vocabulary, expressions, idioms and phrases for having a conversation about driving and texting. A powerful conversation lesson to discuss the dangers of texting and messaging.

Watch the ESL video on Conversation About Driving And Texting and use the ESL Printable and Digital storytelling flashcards to practice using new vocabulary and expressions. Get the ESL printable worksheets on distracted driving and expressions, ESL printable and digital flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and gamify lessons with badges and stamps.

Warm Up Questions

  1. Do you pay attention to your phone when you’re driving?
  2. Do you pay attention to your phone when you are riding a bike, with friends, etc?
  3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

ESL Video on Distracted Driving | Texting and Driving

Watch the following YouTube video:

ESL Listening Questions on Distracted Driving

  1. Why’s she angry at Bob?
  2. Why was Bob late?
  3. How late was Bob?
  4. What does Bob have to help Frank do?
  5. Why doesn’t Nicky reply to Bob right away?
  6. What does Bob offer Nicky?
  7. How long will it take Bob to get there?
  8. Why did Nicky get angry at Bob?
  9. What happened?
  10. What does Nicky regret in the end?

Matching Vocabulary for Conversation About Driving And Texting

Match the following words or expressions on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. strict
2. annoy
3. fault
4. give or take
5. What’s the big deal?
6. on (one’s) way
7. boss
8. regret
a. responsibility for something
b. used to ask why something is so important
c. not flexible; demand that rules be obeyed
d. a person who is in charge of a worker, group or organization
e. used to give an estimate; within an amount
f. feeling of sadness or disappointment caused by something that you have or haven’t done
g. to make someone angry or upset
h. in the course of a journey

Printable and Digital Flashcards to Distracted Driving

Use the flashcards to talk about the dangers of driving and messaging. 

ESL lesson on distracted driving
ESL lesson on distracted driving
ESL lesson on distracted driving
ESL lesson on distracted driving
ESL lesson on distracted driving
Car Accident
Ringing Phone
ESL lesson on distracted driving
Car Crashed Against A Tree

ESL Conversation about Distracted Driving

Video (He picks her up in the beginning of the video. They are in the car and she’s angry)

Nicky: I’m so angry at you. You always do this. Today was the third time that you were late.

Bob: I’m sorry, but I can’t just leave work when I want to!
My boss is really strict. I was five minutes late! What’s the big deal? 

Nicky: It’s just annoying. I mean you do this EVERY day. 

Bob: It’s NOT every day!
Anyway, I have to go help Frank move from now.

I will call you when I’m done. I love you.

Nicky: Call me later. (Annoyed and slams the door shut)

Text Messaging between Bob and Nicky

Bob: We just finished moving Frank’s things to his new apartment.
What are you doing?

Nicky: What do you want? I’m busy. I’m trying to study for an exam.

Bob: Anyway, I’m on my way.
Do you want anything from the store?

Nicky: How long are you going to take?

Bob: What do you mean?

Nicky: I mean, how long until you get here?

Bob: I don’t know…about thirty minutes, give or take.

Nicky: Well, I’m really hungry.
If you are going to be late, like you ALWAYS are, then I’m going to just go to the store myself.

Bob: I’m on my wa

Nicky: Hello?
Bob, I’m waiting…
I knew this was going to happen again.
Forget it, I’ll get my own dinner.
You are SO annoying…

Cut back to the video – They are at the hospital.

Nicky: I can’t believe this. It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry.
I don’t care if you are late.  (Crying)
I’ll never message you when you are driving again. Never again.
Never ever again. (Crying)
Hello? H-E-L-L-00000? 

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