Then Vs Than

Then Vs Than

A fun English lesson for ESL students to learn the difference between then vs than. Watch the ESL video and start practicing the new vocabulary. Get the downloadable and printable ESL worksheets on Then vs. Then, Then vs. Than, ESL printable and digital reviews flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and gamify lessons with badges and stamps.

ESL Video on Then Vs Than

Watch the following YouTube video:

Grammar Practice Than vs. Then

Complete each sentence with either then or than.

  1. My car is bigger ________ yours.
  2. If you help me finish my homework _____ I will be happy to go to the movies with you.
  3. You should explain why this job is so important to you ______ he will understand why you want to work late.
  4. Let’s get the house clean and _______ you can invite your friends over.
  5. Living in the country is a lot cheaper ______ living in the city.
  6. Other ________ Tom, who else is coming to the party?
  7. Suzy would rather spend time with her dog _______ her boyfriend!
  8. When you finish high school ______ you will be able to go to university.
  9. I think it is better to have a lot of friends ________ a lot of money.
  10. First, you should make sure the computer is plugged in and _______ turn it on. 

Part 2

Language Expansion-then

then = at that time

‘Last summer was a lot of fun.  I was happy then.’

then = for that reason, in that case

‘The movie starts in two minutes!’

‘We better hurry then!’

Then Or Than

Common English expressions

“then and there”

Meaning: at that moment, immediately

‘When Johnny saw his first airplane he decided then and there to become a pilot.

Then vs Than Script

Hello again! Today we will look at the difference between the words then and than.

Then often means after that or next.

For example, Sam did his homework.

Sam did his homework and then he played video games.

Mackenzie has to eat her dinner.

Mackenzie has to eat her dinner then she can have dessert.

The word than is often used when making a comparison between two things.

For example, Charles is stronger than Robert.

Chen runs faster than Doug.

Chen ran faster than everyone.

Let’s practice!

I ate dinner and _______ went to bed.

China is a lot bigger _______ France.

If you study everyday ______ your English will get better!

Tom is older _____ Mackenzie.

Reference: Vocab5


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