Past Simple Winter Memories | Idioms & Expressions

Winter Memories

A natural English conversation about the winter and talking about winter memories. Learn and practice the past simple, idioms, phrases, and phrasal verbs to talk about winter.

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ESL Video on Talking about Winter

Watch the following video:

ESL Conversation on Past Simple Winter Memories

Stuck at work due to a blizzard, Simon starts talking to the new marketing assistant Leia, who turns out to be his childhood friend.

Leia: Dave the Snowman!

Dave: Dear God, it’s Leia the Sleigh-girl, herself! It’s been ages! It’s great to see you.

Leia: Indeed. I recognized you by the scar.

Dave: Do you remember how I got it? A bunch of you made a snowman out of me and I fell on a broken piece of ice after you pushed me with your sleigh.
The weather outside right now sure reminds me of the snow that day.

Leia: Haha! Sorry I shouldn’t laugh, but how could I forget? But it wasn’t my fault the hill was slippery!
We had to cover your face with all of our scarves to stop the bleeding…Oh my, I’m sorry!

Dave: …and you gave me your mittens because mine tore. It was freezing cold outside that day.
If it wasn’t for that, it would have been a great day. We were all having a blast. Remember we had a huge snowball fight. And we made a giant snow fort.
I remember it like it was yesterday.

Leia: Wow, what a blast from the past!
The entrance is all snowed in, but that will give us time to catch up.

Dave: I’d rather be inside than freezing outside, anyways. Can I interest you in a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm?


  1. How did Leia recognize Dave?
  2. How did Dave get the scar?
  3. How was the weather that day?
  4. What did Leia give Dave that day?
  5. Why did Leia give Dave her mittens that day?
  6. Why would Dave rather be inside?
  7. Why did they have to cover his face with scarves?
  8. What does Dave offer her at the end?

Vocabulary & Expressions


Match the words on the left to their meanings on the right.

1. catch up
2. blast from the past
3. having a blast
4. bleed
5. It’s been ages!
6. recognize
7. scar
8. snowed in
a. to have a lot of fun
b. a long time that you’ve seen someone
c. to not be able to leave a place because there’s too much snow
d. to know and remember something or someone
e. a mark left on the skin
f. to lose blood
g. to talk to someone after a long time to hear about how and what they have been doing
h. a memory from a long time ago

Winter esl printable flashcards

Reference: WE30


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