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Exchange Money In English

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Warm-Up Questions about Travel and Exchanging Money

  1. Do you exchange a lot of money when you travel?
  2. Do you exchange money before you go, or do you wait to arrive in the country that you’re going to?
  3. What is the current rate for the USD? Yen? Yuan? CAD? (Google it)
  4. Do you worry about getting ripped off when you exchange money?
  5. Do you mostly pay by cash or credit card when you are traveling?

ESL Video and ESL Listening Practice to Exchange Money

Watch the following YouTube video:

Part 1 Conversation – Asking for help where to exchange money in English

Cindy: Excuse me. Can you help me. I need to exchange some money. Where can I get the best rate around here?

Airport Security: Hmm… good question. I don’t recommend the currency exchange places in the airport. They all say, “No commission”, but most of them have hidden fees.
They really don’t give very good exchange rates. The best place to go is right outside of the airport. It’s called “World Exchange”. They have the best rates in town. They are open until eight o’clock tonight.

Cindy: Thank you so much!

Questions Part 1

  1. What does Cindy need to do?
  2. Does the security guard recommend a place in the airport? Why?
  3. What’s the name of the place outside of the airport?
  4. What time is the place outside of the airport open until?
  5. Why is the place right outside of the airport the best place?

Matching Part 1

Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. currency
2. exchange
3. rate
4. commission
5. hidden
a. something that you can’t see
b. the system of money used in a country
c. a payment to someone who sells something directly to the amount sold
d. the changing of money from one currency to another
e. the amount of a charge based on a calculation

Exchange Dollars to Yen

ESL Conversation Part 2 – Exchanging dollars to Yen in English

Cindy: I’d like to exchange some money.

Security: Okay, can you fill out this form and then wait in line over there?

Bank Clerk: So, you want to change dollars to Yen. Is that correct?

Cindy: Yes, that’s right.

Bank Clerk: Can I see your passport?

Cindy: Here you are. 

Bank Clerk: You want to exchange $1000 USD to yen. The current rate is one dollar to 112 yen.
So that will be 112,000 yen.

Cindy: Okay, that’s fine.

Bank Clerk: Would you like that in small or large bills? Or a mix of both?

Cindy: I’d like a mix of both.

Bank Clerk: Okay, no problem. Please sign here.
And here’s 6 – 10,000-yen notes, 7 – 5000-yen notes, and 17 one-thousand yen notes for a total of 112,000 yen. Here’s an envelope. Have a nice day!

Cindy: Thank you so much.

Questions Part 2

  1. What does Cindy need to do first?
  2. What currency does she want to exchange her money into?
  3. Would she like small or large bills?
  4. How much money will she exchange?
  5. What is the exchange rate?
  6. How much money does she get for $1000?
  7. How many one-thousand-yen notes does she get?
  8. What does he give her in the end?

Matching Part 2

Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. form
2. mix
3. envelope
4. current
5. fill out
a. two or more different things combined or put together
b. to complete a form
c. the present time
d. a paper (or digital version) with questions that you must put answers into
e. a flat piece of paper that you can put a letter, card or money into

Exchange Money In English Language

ESL Conversation Part 3 – Exchanging Euros to dollars in English

Cindy: I’d like to exchange some money please. I need to exchange Euros into American dollars.

Bank clerk: Okay, how much would you like to exchange?

Cindy: How much is one dollar worth to the Euro?

Bank clerk: The current rate is one dollar to .8 Euros.

Cindy: Okay, I’d like 1000 U.S. dollars.

Bank clerk: Okay. That will be 800 Euros.
Can I see your passport?

Cindy: Here you go.

Bank clerk: Do you have a preference for small or large bills?

Cindy: I’d like amix of both.

Bank clerk: That’s no problem. Please sign here. That will be $600 in $20’s, $300 in $10’s, $50 in $5’s and $50 in $1’s. Please double check that everything is there and sign here please. Here’s your receipt and an envelope.

Cindy: That’s perfect. Thanks a lot.

Bank clerk: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Cindy: No, that’s all. Thanks for your help.

Bank clerk: It’s my pleasure. Have a nice day.

Questions Part 3

  1. What currency does she want to exchange her money into?
  2. How much is one Dollar worth to the Euro?
  3. How many dollars does she get?
  4. How many Euros does it cost her?
  5. Does she have a preference for small or large bills?
  6. How much worth of 20’s does she get?
  7. How much worth of 1’s does she get?
  8. What does he give her in the end?

Matching Part 3

Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. preference
2. receipt
3. perfect
4. double check
5. both
a. a piece of paper that is proof of something
b. as good as something can be
c. a greater liking for one thing over another
d. including two things
e. to look at something again to make certain that it’s right

Reference: Trav17


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