Healthy Choices ESL Lesson

In this intermediate-level ESL lesson, you will learn grammar, vocabulary, and phrases to talk about everyday English topics: an English conversation lesson to talk about health and healthy choices regarding food, sleep, exercise and stress management.

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Healthy Choices ESL Lesson

ESL Questions on Healthy Choices


On a scale from one to ten, how health-conscious are you?


If the expression, “You are what you eat” is true, what would you be?


How do you manage stress?


How much sleep do you get every night?


Are you a deep sleeper? Do you remember your dreams?


How often do you exercise (play sports, walk, etc.)?

Watch, Read or Listen

ESL Video on Health

Watch the following ESL YouTube video lesson about healthy choices.

ESL Listening Practice

Watch the YouTube video and answer the following questions about Health and healthy choices.


What is the problem with foods that are high in fat and sugar?


What is the positive thing about healthy foods?


What is central to a healthy body and mind?


What is a common excuse people make about not exercising?


According to health professionals, why are relaxing activities important?


What types of activities can have positive effects on our overall wellbeing?


What is one of the easiest and most effective ways to feel good?


When do we get the most benefits from a regular sleep schedule?

ESL Speaking Activity

Use the illustrations to talk about the passage, health, and making healthy choices.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Fruits

Healthy Exercises


Healthy Choices ESL

ESL vocabulary to talk about health

Word Bank

adjust | benefit | blood-flow | central | effective
expression | long-term | effect | lower | maintain
negative | overall positive | properly | researcher
routine | stress | switch off | taste
throughout | miss out


Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. properly (adv)

A. successful in producing a desired result

2. adjust (v)

B. to stop giving your attention to something or someone

3. throughout (prep)

C. to reduce

4. effect (n)

D. in general; with everyone or everything included

5. miss out (phr.v)

E. a change that results when something is done

6. lower (v)

F. from one end to the other

7. overall (adj)

G. the state of being happy, comfortable, or healthy

8. switch off (phr.v)

H. to change something slightly

9. well-being (n)

I. correctly, or in a satisfactory way

10. effective (adj)

J. to lose the opportunity to do or have something


Discuss the following quotes on health and making healthy choices.

Talking About Healthy Choices ESL Lesson

“Good things come to those who sweat.”

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.”

“You miss 100% of the naps you don’t take.”

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

“Sorry, there’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthily and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy.”


Discuss the following questions and topics about health.

Talking About Healthy Choices ESL Lesson
  1. What would you choose right now: a delicious piece of chocolate cake or a banana?
  2. Do you think companies should have rooms where employees can take short naps?
  3. Do you think video games and social media relieve stress or induce it?
  4. What are the biggest stress creators for children?
  5. Write down a one-week health challenge with your teacher. Follow up next time.

In Your Own Words

Explain what the word or phrase in bold means and give an example.

Example: She was exhausted because she worked until midnight.
Meaning: very tired - I’m exhausted because I stayed up and studied all night.

Health ESL Lesson


What are the benefits of getting eight hours of sleep?

Meaning /


I need to find ways to lower my stress levels.

Meaning /


It’s difficult to adjust to my new work schedule.

Meaning /


What’s the most effective way to ‘switch off’ from work?

Meaning /


Exercise can have positive effects on our overall health.

Meaning /

Missing Words

Watch the video again and complete the sentences.

Talking About Healthy Choices

Feel better by making better choices


Eat healthy food

We’ve all heard the _______________________ 1 “you are what you eat”. While foods __________________________ 2 and sugar may taste great at the time, they have negative short and __________________________ 3 on our bodies. Eating healthy foods can give you energy and make you feel happy.

Get enough slee

Researchers agree that sleep is _________________ 4 to both a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is believed that we get the most benefits from maintaining a regular sleep schedule __________________ 5 the week. This makes it easier for our bodies to adjust to our nightly routine and fall asleep easier.

Regular exercise

While many people say they are “too busy” to exercise, they may be _________________ 6 on one of the easiest and most __________________ 7 ways to feel good. Regular exercise helps to increase blood flow, __________________ 8 stress and make you happier.

Stress management

It is also very important to make sure we have time to properly relax and to “_____________________ 9” from our busy daily lives. 
That’s why health professionals say that enjoying relaxing activities, such as watching TV or playing video games, can also have ________________________ 10 on our overall well-being.


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