Present Simple Tense

Present Simple Tense

A fun lesson for ESL students to learn how to form and use the Present Simple Tense. Learn natural vocabulary and expressions with these ESL Conversations. Watch the ESL video to practice using the new vocabulary and expressions. Get the printable worksheets, digital flashcards, listening and reading exercises, and everything you need for the perfect digital and remote English lessons when you subscribe.

ESL Video on the Present Simple

This lesson is based on the following YouTube video:

Grammar Present Simple Rules

In today’s lesson we are going to practice the present simple.

We use the present simple to talk about something that is true now – in the present.

I’m a student. 

He’s twenty-seven years old.

She lives in Australia.

We also use it to talk about habits
or something that happens regularly in the present.

I play soccer every Thursday.
I take the train every to work every day.

We also use it to talk about facts:

There are 50 states in the USA.

English and French are the official languages of Canada.

We often use adverbs of frequency with the present simple:

He often plays football.

I never dance.

For the affirmative, we add the subject plus the verb.
For example: I want chocolate.

In the third person singular the verb ALWAYS end in -s:

She likes, he eats, she wants

Questions forms use the correct form of ‘do’ + the subject

Do I want chocolate?
Does she want chocolate?

Negative and question forms use ‘DOES’ for the third person + the infinitive of the verb.

Does he want candy?

She doesn’t want chocolate.

For verbs ending in -y: the third person changes the -y to -ies:
For example: ‘cry’ becomes ‘cries’ and ‘fly’ becomes ‘flies’

NOTE: If there is a ‘vowel’ before the ‘y’ it does NOT change.
For example: play becomes plays stay becomes stays.

Add -es to verbs ending in: -ss, -sh, -x and -ch:
For example: she passes, he catches

Present Simple Negative

Now listen and repeat.

His name is Fred.

He’s thirty-seven years old.

He’s from San Francisco.

He’s a police officer.

He plays American football on the weekend.

He sometimes cooks dinner.

He never eats junk food.

Let’s practice. Complete these very common and useful present simple sentence starters:

My name is …
I’m …

I’m from  …

I live in …

I’m a …

I … on the weekend.

I often …

I sometimes …

I never …

Reference: Gram3


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