School Memories ESL Lesson Plan

School Memories ESL Lesson Plan

School Memories ESL Lesson Plan is a fun English lesson for ESL students to learn English grammar: past simple, past continuous tenses, vocabulary, and phrases and English idioms for talking about school memories. Watch the ESL video about Past Simple & Past Continuous and start practicing the new vocabulary. Get the downloadable and printable worksheets on School Memories, ESL printable and digital flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and gamify lessons with badges and stamps.

Warm Up Questions

  1. Describe your school.
  2. Did you like your teachers? Explain.
  3. Did you like the students that you had class with?

ESL Video on Talking About Your School Days

Watch the following YouTube video:

ESL Listening Questions

  1. Where did Jessica go to university?
  2. Why did she choose that school?
  3. What did she study?
  4. What was her favorite class?
  5. Why did she choose to study English literature?
  6. Who was her favorite teacher in university?
  7. Why was it her favorite teacher?
  8. Was she a good student

Word Bank

study      English literature       famous     class
major       communication skills       theater       definitely
passionate       program     choose     favorite
psychology       funny       teacher      miss

ESL Vocabulary School Memories ESL Lesson Plan

  1. well known
  2. skip
  3. the focus of study
  4. strong feelings and emotions about something
  5. select
  6. personal best
  7. absolutely


Use vocabulary from the Word Bank to complete the sentences. You may have to change the tense or form of the word.

  1. He slept in every __________________________ . He was a terrible student!
  2. Mr.Plante is very ________________ about history. He gets very excited when he teaches.
  3. I really liked ______________________ class. I enjoy learning about feelings and motivation.
  4. My ________________________ wasn’t very useful. Geography hasn’t helped me much in my current job.
  5. I enjoyed ________________________ class. Acting was really fun and I’m no longer worried about speaking in public.
  6. Ms.Deguchi was very ________________. She always made us laugh in class.
  7. He wasn’t a good ________________________ . He didn’t help us after class.
  8. _________________________ are very important in every job. If you can’t talk to people, you won’t be successful.

Grammar School Memories ESL Lesson Plan

Put the following in the past tense.

I ____________________________ (go)1 to a very small school in Canada. It ____________________________ (be)2 in the middle of nowhere. I ____________________________ (have)3 to ride the school bus and it ____________________________ (take)4 about one hour. I ____________________________ (be)5 a fairly good student. I ____________________________ (study)6 hard and I ____________________________ (go)7 to most of my classes. Sometimes I ____________________________ (skip)8 classes though to hang out with my friends. I ____________________________ (have)9 some really great teachers. They ____________________________ (teach)10 me respect and how to be a good person. I will never forget them.

Conversation: Talking about Your School Days

Tony: So where did you go to university Jessica?

Jessica: I went to Masterson University in New York City.

Tony: Why did you choose Masterson?

Jessica: I wanted to live in New York and their program is very famous.

Tony: What was your major?

Jessica: I studied English literature.

Tony: Nice. What was your favorite class?

Jessica: I really liked theater. I really learned a lot in that class.

Tony: I learned great communication skills and I learned a lot about speaking in front of people.

Jessica: Very cool! Were you a good student?

Tony: Haha! I think so. I studied hard and I never missed a class.

Jessica: Wow, that’s great. So why did you choose to study English literature?

Tony: I love to read books and I thought that writing skills would be useful for any job.

Jessica: I see. Who was your favorite teacher in university?

Tony: Definitely professor Jenkins. He was my psychology teacher. He was really passionate and funny.

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Reference: I1L7