ESL lesson plan on weather

Weather & Natural Disasters ESL Lesson Plan

An ESL Lesson on Talking About the Weather & Natural Disasters is an ESL conversation lesson to learn grammar, English idioms, vocabulary, and phrases for having a conversation about the weather and natural disasters.

Watch the ESL video on Talking About the Weather & Natural Disasters and use the ESL Printable and Digital storytelling flashcards to practice using new vocabulary and expressions. Get the ESL printable worksheets on the Weather and Natural Disasters, ESL printable and digital flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and gamify lessons with badges and stamps.

Warm Up Questions

  1. Have you ever experienced a hurricane, tornado or typhoon?
  2. Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
  3. Do you have an emergency evacuation kit or bag in case of an emergency?

ESL Video on Talking About the Weather & Natural Disasters

Watch the following YouTube video:

ESL Listening Questions

  1. What is happening in Canada right now?
  2. How’s the weather?
  3. How are the roads?
  4. How are traffic conditions?
  5. Why are the roads all backed up?
  6. Why are people panicking in Canada?
  7. When will the power be restored?
  8. What happened in China?
  9. How many people died?
  10. When will more help arrive?

Matching Vocabulary

Match the words and expressions on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. panic
2. zero visibility
3. restore
4. backed up
5. casualty
6. estimate
7. injury
8. traffic conditions
9. in effect
10. slippery
a. a lot of cars that are not able to move or able to move but only very slowly
b. something that is difficult to walk or drive on and as a result, there’s a likelihood that you may fall
c. sudden fear or anxiety
d. an approximate judgement or calculation
e. a law or rule that has started, is starting or will start
f. unable to see because of weather conditions usually snow
g. the vehicles that are moving along a road
h. a person killed or injured in an accident or war
i. hurt, damage or loss
j. to bring back to a former or original condition

ESL Printable and Digital Flashcards to Weather and Natural Disasters

Use the flashcards to talk about the weather and natural disasters.

Talking About the Weather & Natural Disasters
slip esl printable flashcards
Talking About the Natural Disasters
traffic esl printable flashcards
Talking About the Weather
Admitted ESL printable flashcards

ESL Listening Transcripts on the Weather and Natural Disasters

Chuck Sandy

Good evening everyone. This is Chuck Sandy with the Channel four evening news. We have lots to report tonight.

First of all, in Canada, there is a terrible storm happening right now. There are heavy winds with zero visibility. The roads are very dangerous and there is a driving warning in effect. There is ice on the roads and as a result they are very slippery. Traffic conditions are terrible, and the highways are all backed up due to accidents.

People are panicking as many parts of Northern Canada are without power tonight. There is currently no estimate when it will be restored.

Next, let’s look at the other side of the world in Shanghai China. There was a major earthquake last night. It was a 7.5-magnitude quake. There have been no casualties reported, however there are several people suffered serious injuries. There is more help on the way as I speak. More on these stories and lots more later.

This is Chuck Sandy reporting live from channel four news.

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Reference: I2L3