Some Simple Tricks to Create Lifetime Students

Why did my students stop coming?


My students were really motivated when they signed up. Then they suddenly

stopped coming.

Every day, people all around the world wake up motivated to learn English.

They snatch up study materials, pay for lessons, and then …


Texting, tweeting, scrolling, posting, clicking, commenting and sharing are

such a huge distraction that even highly motivated students struggle to focus.

Suddenly they can’t find the time, for what really matters to them.


Sound familiar? This is the challenge for educators the world over!


Your competition isn’t just other schools. It’s distractions, boring and outdated

materials, and a lack of engagement outside of lessons.


You need:


-Tools to monitor your students’ progress


-To keep students engaged outside of class


-To build lessons with a variety of materials that suit their needs, interests and


How can I motivate my students?


In order to achieve these things you need to start with clear goals for each



-What do you want your student to achieve in the lesson? For example, “In this

lesson, you will learn how to introduce yourself.”


-How will they achieve the lesson goal? What are the objectives of the lesson?

For example, “To know vocabulary to introduce yourself.”


-What steps do they need to take to achieve the objective?  For example,

“Remember the following word(s).”


Break objectives into clear, short, and achievable goals. If your students feel

like they’re making progress, they’ll continue studying and most importantly,

they’ll continue taking classes. They’ll start coming more frequently if they

have clear goals that they’re able to achieve.


Give them tasks to complete outside of class that reinforces what you teach

them and practice in class.


What should I counsel my students on?


Take the time to sit down with your students once every couple of months.

Have them create short-term goals, and review their progress. Creating the

goals together will encourage them to own the goals and also hold them

accountable to achieve them.


When counseling them, always start with their strengths and what they

improved on.

Review the notes and feedback from their instructors and give them clear tips

and methods on how to improve. Don’t be vague.Tell them exactly what to do.

For example, “Emmy, you’re struggling with the past tense. Please review

lessons BCOMM12, BCOMM17 and BCOMM19.”


Select materials that suit your students needs. Everyday topics can be easily

modified to be relevant to their interests. Personalize lessons to include their

likes and interests.


This is where Pocket Passport comes in! We give you the tools to reward &

recognize progress and efforts, deliver bite-sized content, and keep students

coming back for more.


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