Talking About The Movies

Talking About Movies

A fun lesson for beginner ESL students to learn the past simple, vocabulary and expressions for talking about the movies. Watch the ESL video about movies and use the ESL storytelling flashcards to retell the story using the past simple. Get the downloadable and printable worksheets, digital flashcards, listening and reading exercises and everything you need for the perfect digital and remote English lesson when you subscribe.

ESL Video and ESL Listening Practice to Talk about the Movies

ESL Conversation about Movies

Damon loves watching movies. Last week, he had some time off work, so he went to the cinema 4 times.          

On Monday, he saw “Chilled Cow”. It was an animated comedy about a cow living in Hawaii. Damon thought it was funny.          

On Tuesday, he saw “Black sands”. It was an action movie about some women looking for money in Egypt. Damon thought it was exciting.          

On Wednesday, he saw “Ghost Sea”. It was a horror movie about ghosts who come from the sea at night. Damon thought it was scary.          

On Thursday, he saw “Goodbye Mr Sato”. It was a drama about an old history teacher who has to retire because his school thinks he is too old. Damon thought it was interesting.

ESL Questions about Movies

  1. What does Damon love to do?
  2. Damon had to work last week. True or False.
  3. How many times did he go to the cinema last week?
  4. What kind of movie did he watch on Monday?
  5. What was Black Sands about?
  6. What did Damon think about Black Sands?
  7. How did Damon feel about Ghost Sea?

Matching – ESL Vocabulary to talk about the movies

Match the words on the left with the meaning not he right.

1. exciting
2. funny
3. scary
4. interesting
5. retire
6. comedy
7. horror
8. drama
a. a type of entertainment that causes feelings of fear
b. causing amusement or laughter
c. a type of entertainment that is more serious than funny
d. a type of entertainment that makes people laugh
e. to get and keep someone’s attention
f. to leave one’s job usually because you reach a certain age
g. to make you feel very happy and enthusiastic
h. frightening; causing fear

Storytelling using ESL Printable Digital Flashcards

Retell the passage using the flashcards below.

funny - esl flashcards
Talk About Movies clap - esl printable flashcards
interested in movies - esl digital flashcards
Movies esl flashcards
scared - esl printable flashcards

Vocabulary to Talk about Movies


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