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Discussion Warm Up

  1. What are some common beliefs about British people?
  2. Have you been to Europe? What are some differences between European countries? (food? language? etc.)
  3. Do have a positive image of British people?  How about French people?

Vocabulary Check

knowledge, limited, stereotype, crisps,
sophisticated, pronunciation, detest, boring
fake, injury, brag, super
first thing that comes to mind…

ESL Video and ESL Listening Practice on Giving Your Opinion

Watch the YouTube video and answer the questions:

Questions on ESL Video

  1. How well does Johnny know British culture?
  2. What is a lot of Johnny’s opinion based on?
  3. What is the first thing that comes to mind for Johnny?
  4. What are some examples of different British and American English words for everyday things?
  5. What do British people call soccer?
  6. Why doesn’t Johnny like soccer?
  7. What British food does Johnny love?
  8. Does he like any British music?
  9. What other things does he find interesting about British culture?
  10. Does Johnny like his British co-worker?
British English


Match the words on the left with words or expressions on the right that are closest in meaning.

1. knowledge
2. limited
3. stereotype
4. crisps
5. sophisticated
6. pronunciation
7. detest
8. boring
9. fake
10. injury
11. brag
12. super
A. small amount or quantity
B. what North Americans call “potato chips”
C. very good, excellent
D. facts, information, and skills gained through experience and education
E. the sound of a word when it is spoken
F. an idea that people have about other people that is often wrong and hurtful
G. to dislike very, very much
H. to speak in an arrogant way about something you have done, or something you own
I. showing experience and knowledge about the world
J. not interesting at all
K. physical harm to a person’s body
L. not real

More Discussion Questions

  1. Do you like the Beatles? Other British music?
  2. Do you like fish and chips? Other British food?
  3. Do you like soccer (football)?
  4. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Words in Context – Fill-in-the-blanks

Use the words from the vocabulary box to complete the following sentences. You may need to modify the tense or word form.

  1. I want to buy a real designer bag. Not a __________ one!
  2. His __________ of history is very impressive. He knows everything!
  3. It isn’t fair to __________ any culture. You should try to meet people from that country, travel there, and then form an opinion.
  4. I don’t like hanging around Sammy. He’s always __________ about his car and how much money he has.
  5. That teacher’s class is so ______! Most students usually fall asleep in class.
  6. Look at this coat! It’s __________ cheap, isn’t it? I love clearance sales!
  7. I’m a little bit hungry. I’m going to get some __________.
  8. I __________ my boss. He’s always screaming at me.
  9. Did you see the replay of the game? His __________ looks really bad. I don’t expect he’ll play again this year.
  10. My experience with computers is very __________. I need to learn more.
  11. Sheila’s __________ is really tough to understand when she speaks. The Liverpool accent is very confusing.
  12. Jason thinks he’s too __________ to hang around many people because he went to a top university.


ESL Conversation about Giving Opinions about the British

Johnny’s feeling about the British

What are my thoughts on the British?

Hmm… Well I don’t really know many British people,
so my knowledge is very limited.

Actually, a lot of my opinion might be based on stereotypes and generalizations in movies and the media.

I guess the first thing that comes to mind is their spelling.
They spell many things differently.

And they have a whole new dictionary of vocabulary and expressions!

They say “lift” for elevator;
“chips” instead of French fries,
and potato chips are called “crisps”.

Just to name a few.

I love their accent! It sounds very smart and sophisticated.

Of course their pronunciation is sometimes difficult to follow.
We say Tomato, they say Tomato. We say potato, they say potato. And on and on.

I detest soccer. Or as they call it, “football.”

The players are always faking injuries.
The score is always 0-0.
It’s just really boring in my opinion.

I think fish and chips and tea are really popular. I do love fish and chips!
I’m not really a “tea” person though.
I personally prefer coffee.
I have been told that other British food is pretty bad though.
Nobody really “brags” about British food.

And the Beatles, I love the Beatles!

I also think the Royal family is really cool. British history is really interesting too.

Besides that, I don’t know much. I have a co-worker who is British.
She’s super nice and funny.
Difficult to understand her at times though!

Giving Opinion

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