Be a Better Listener AND Speaker

Do you want to communicate more clearly?

Do you want to get and keep people’s attention?

Do you want to lead a conversation?

Do you want to speak like a leader?

Do you want to captivate an audience?

Do you want people to stop and listen when you are talking?


Everyday English

Learn how to make small talk in a variety of real-life situations.


Improve your vocabulary and increase your confidence!

Current Events

Learn how to talk about current events and what’s in the news.


Speak confidently at work. Presentations, negotiations, speeches, small talk, and more!

Travel English

Be confident when traveling. From customs to overcoming scheduling problems.


Learn all about the world!
Food, customs and taboos, history, and traditions.

Imagine yourself confidently communicating in English.

We will help you reach that goal!

You will enjoy learning with fun and interactive lessons.

Do you want to know where to start?


Starter to beginner

Course Materials

– You will be introduced to basic sentence and grammatical structures in a natural conversational way.

– You will develop a core vocabulary. You will focus on building vocabulary, listening and speaking skills for social situations and basic work requirements.

– You will develop listening and speaking skills to feel comfortable in the most common real-life situations.



– You will be able to ask and answer introduction questions. You will be able to use vocabulary to get by in common situations and identify everyday items.

– You will be able to tell your feelings on everyday topics such as the weather, travel, music and food.

– You will begin to be able to carry on a conversation by asking appropriate follow up questions. You will feel comfortable in survival situations and have a base vocabulary for work situations.

– You will be able to use appropriate language in routine social situations.

– You will be able to comment on everyday events

Low intermediate to high intermediate

Course Materials

– You will work on skills needed in higher-level conversations.

– You will learn the skills needed to function effectively in familiar and unfamiliar social situations and familiar work situations.

– You will learn communication needed to discuss/understand cultural differences and use English to solve problems which may occur in natural situations.

– You will be expected to express your opinions on cultural values and thinking patterns.

Course Materials

– You will be able to participate and excel in all social activities.

– You will react naturally, maintain a conversation, and speak about various topics that are in the news. 

– You will be able to ask appropriate follow up questions and use vocabulary and expressions to show an awareness of delicate topics. 

– Your knowledge and understanding of Western and world Culture will be evident as you are able to speak on a variety of topics in the news.

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