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Warm-Up Questions – Talking About Interests

  1. What kind of music do you like?
  2. What kind of movies do you like?
  3. What do you like to do for fun?
  4. What does your family like to do for fun?


I’m crazy about… I love…  I like…
I don’t mind…
I don’t like… I hate… I can’t stand…

ESL Video and ESL Listening Practice to Introduce Yourself

Watch the following video:

ESL Listening Questions on Introductions

1. What does Tony do for a living?

2. What kind of music does Tony like?

3. What kind of movies does Tony like?

4. Is Tony a good soccer player?

5. How often does Tony play soccer?

6. What does Tony like to do for fun?

7. Does Tony have any brothers and sisters?

8. What kind of company does Tony work at?

Word Bank

(three) times a (month)
brother – sister
What do you do for a living?
import – export
I’m really into (rock music).
I’m crazy about (soccer).

Vocabulary Builder


What words or phrases have the same meaning as the words below?

  1. really like _____________________
  2. not bad _____________________
  3. What is your job? ________________
  4. football (British English) _____________________

Antonyms 5~11

What word or phrases have the opposite meaning of the words below?

  1. import _______________________
  2. good _________________________
  3. crazy about ____________________
  4. brother ______________________
  5. boring _______________________
  6. dislike ______________________
  7. first _________________________


I see!


Choose the correct verb.

  1. I is/am/are from Japan. I is/am/are Japanese.
  2. He is/am/are from Canada. He is/am/are Canadian.
  3. They is/am/are from Italy. They is/am/are Italian.
  4. We is/am/are from France. We is/am/are French.
  5. Frank is/am/are from Scotland. He is/am/are Scottish.
  6. Sheila is/am/are from England. She is/am/are English.
  7. Tony and Samantha is/am/are from America. They is/am/are American.
  8. I is/am/are from Australia. I is/am/are Australian.

Talking About National Interests

Correct the mistakes

  1. I have three brother.
  2. I lives with my parents.
  3. We live close to the station.
  4. We haves two cat and three dog.
  5. My mother like traveling.
  6. She often go to other countries.
  7. We is a very happy.


Practice reacting to the following sentences using the correct intonation.

  1. Wow! Interesting! I see!
  2. I’m going to Los Angeles tomorrow. ____________________
  3. I live very far from here. ____________________
  4. I want to go to France to see the Eiffel Tower. _________________

ESL Digital and Printable Flashcards – Talking About Interests, Job & Family

Use the following ESL printable and digital flashcards to describe their job responsibilities. Choose from thousands of ESL printable or digital flashcards in the Pocket Passport ESL flashcard library.

ESL printable flashcards veterinarian
ESL printable flashcards police officer
ESL printable flashcards teacher

ESL Conversation to Talk about Your Family and Interests

Alex: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Tony: Yes, I have an older brother named Edward and an older sister named Janet.

Alex: I see. What do you do for a living?

Tony: I’m a lawyer. I work for an import and export company called Global Exports.

Alex: I see. What do you like to do for fun?

Tony: I’m really into soccer and I like to travel.

Alex: How often do you play soccer?

Tony: I play soccer about three times a month.

Alex: Wow, that’s great. Are you a good soccer player?

Tony: Yes, I think I’m pretty good.

Alex: Oh, interesting! What kind of movies do you like?

Tony: I like action and comedy.

Alex: I see.  Last question. What kind of music do you like?

Tony: I’m crazy about classic rock.

Alex: Thanks for your time today Tony. It was really great to learn more about you.

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